Recap the Week

Hey, it’s Saturday! So, how’d your week go? At the end of each week I like to take a step back and evaluate how I’m doing with reaching my goals, currently my main goal is weight maintenance. This is a habit I started while losing weight and I find it gives me a good chance to make sure I’m staying on track week after week. When working toward reaching a goal, whatever it may be, I think it’s important to build a habit of weekly check-ins to ask how last week went and create some intentions for the week ahead based on the realities of the previous week and your goals overall.


Exercise this week included classes at Pil-oga-robic studio and a.m. gym treadmill runs.

I’ve been doing this weekly check-in for almost two years now and I can see this becoming a lifetime habit. I start by reviewing my long-term goals and then I create or just review my weekly goals that act as supporting players for my overall goals. So if my overall goal is weight loss, my weekly goals are a daily calorie limit, logging meals, exercise classes, etc.

Each weekend I sit down and take some time to evaluate whether I met my goals for last week. If not, why? Maybe I need to make some changes. I tend to get a little ambitious with my goals, but I’m also flexible. If I find that last week I just couldn’t summon the energy to swing my new fitness schedule of 4 pilates and yoga classes on top of my half marathon training…something’s gotta give. And when I sit down on the weekend to evaluate the week, that gives me the chance to realize that in order to really take care of myself and also reach my goals…I’m gonna need to start cutting back on the amount of classes I’m taking.


Clockwise from top left: Brussels sprouts & criminis on sage polenta, oatmeal with almonds, cranberries, & coconut, kale salad on brown rice, and whole wheat blueberry pancakes.

For me, last week was loooong. I probably should’ve expected it, considering it was the first full week back of work after a 2-week holiday break. As I review how things are going, I’m realizing that if I want enough energy to train for a half marathon, I’m gonna have to cut a few fitness classes from my week. I also slacked last week on taking time in the evenings to pack healthy lunches and snacks for myself to eat the next day at work. My goal for next week is to get better at packing my lunches, so I don’t end up at the food carts for lunch.

Next up for the day: Plan my meals and grocery list for the week ahead. You can definitely expect a post about the awesomeness of meal planning in the near future. In the meantime, here are a few good-looking recipes I found online that would work great as healthy weeknight dinners and lunch leftovers for the week ahead.

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